Winter 2015


woman in mall holding shopping bags - cropped at legs

When I came to Canada, I saw that in Canada we have Black Friday on the last Friday of November. On this day, I saw all stores such as BestBuy, Canadian Tire and Home Depot have many discount programs. Some products had a sale of 50%-80% off and I bought many products like computers, TVs, and home appliances. I think this day is the most effective consumption stimulation for the whole year.

Online shopping is one of the most important sales channels. We only need to browse for items and click to add to the cart. A few days later, the delivery came and we got the items without having to go to the stores. Individuals can choose to sell their products on social networks or online shopping platforms. Many shops keep both online and offline stores. Online shopping helps us have more choices about products and services, less time required to purchase and no travel costs. It also created opportunities to buy products with lower prices and access to more information. Customers just need to wait for the delivery to come. Besides it is very suitable during the Covid 19 pandemic. Everything can be purchased in only one click.

Shopping in Vietnam and Canada is relatively similar but in Canada, on Black Friday and Boxing Day, the sales activities are stronger and there are more products such as clothes, computers, and home appliances. Furthermore, in Canada there are many discount programs, latest designs, many famous brands and payment can be by credit card while in Vietnam, purchases are usually paid for by cash.