Winter 2015


A red sticker in a Canadian Mall warning to stand here to respect covid-19 distancing rules.

It has been 18 months since our family came to Canada, and the time flies so fast. When I first came to Canada, I tried hard to develop my home inspection business as soon as possible, so I studied hard and tried my best to do all the things that are helpful to business, such as writing articles, building company websites, sending emails, etc. Just when the company first started, unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Although Canada has adopted a series of measures, such as various health measures, isolation regulations, school closures, and lockdown, these feelings are not particularly effective. Until now, Canada has carried out lockdown 3 times, and new cases and deaths numbers are increasing every day. All people have been affected as never before. Countless people have lost their jobs and are facing tremendous pressure to survive. I am also included. Many people dare not let home inspector go to inspect their homes. We almost have no income. Thanks to the government’s efforts. Benefit support has allowed my family and I to live. The strange thing is that the Canadian real estate market is extremely hot. Because of the country's fiscal policy, people think that housing prices will continue to rise. Many buyers are in bidding war. Housing prices are rising every day, and everyone's panic is high. When they bought a house, they also gave up the conditions of the home inspection. As a home inspector, I really felt the difficulties of the business.

I also know that several countries in the world have done very well in fighting the pandemic, such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and China. I really hope that the Canadian government can learn lessons from their success and control the pandemic as soon as possible. We must pay attention to efficiency in doing things, rather than covering everything. Only by controlling the pandemic can the economy recover slowly. Otherwise, the economy will never recover.