Winter 2015


Sneakers and the canada flag. view from above. travels.

What can I say about moving to Canada? I will start by saying that it has been an experience with many light-dark nuances and the process is still going on. Of course, several people have been involved in the journey; directly my son and my husband and of course, me. On the other hand, I have not been able to see my brothers, but I still have contact from a distance.

In a global world like the current one, it is becoming easier and more common for people to change countries for various reasons: work, education, starting a new life or simply experiencing new sensations, getting to know other places and people. In my case, it was starting a new life, next to a person who has a different culture, customs and language than mine.But, it is not only starting a life with another person but also with an entire country. The sensations, the experiences along the way leave traces on the psyche of those who experience it.

When migrating, we have to accept new norms and social rules. There is a process of adaptation and learning, and a cultural shock which triggers a series of elements that go from fear to frustration among others. The consequences can be various since people develop defense mechanisms for protections against a threat to our mental balance.

On the other hand, I miss my roots, what I grew up with, and what every human being identifies with. Empathy is what is missing in all cultures and countries of the world. We are living in an era in which it is difficult not only to live, but to survive! I believe that if we could welcome others by showing empathy and being kind, the experience of new immigrants would be different and it wouldn’t leave a negative impact on those who are going to start a new life and who are going to represent the new workforce,both economic and cultural, and who should be able to call the new country – home!

When coming to a new country there are many variables that range from what kind of family you have, why you emigrate, what is your social status in the country in which you were born, what is your degree of studies, and the list is endless and sometimes seems eternal but at some point, the process is completed and then we ask ourselves “And now what comes next...?”

I don't know if this has made any difference in my life, because I still don't identify with the Canadian population, in short, I still don't feel as a part of this country. Canada is a great nation without a doubt, because those who make a great country are undoubtedly its inhabitants. Perheps in my case I require more time to adapt to the circumstances, to the new lifestyle, and eliminate my mental demons on the path of this journey called life. I know there will always be light-dark shades that I commented on at the beginning of my writing. For today - it is just one more day; we will see what comes next, without a doubt some good story to tell.