Winter 2015


Family or friends praying holding hands at Thanksgiving celebration table

After almost 10 years living in Canada, I have the opportunity to write a little bit about my first Thanksgiving in Canada, which was in 2013. Immigrating is a big challenge because the culture, the language, the laws are different. We face many challenges. Since we arrived in Canada, we always visited Church on Sundays. Because of that, we had the privilege of meeting some Canadian families early on. So, on our first Thanksgiving, one of these families invited us to celebrate this important date together with their families. When we arrived at these friends' house, we found a beautiful feast table and many people together in the same place, the decoration reminding us of the harvest and everyone with the same feeling of gratitude for all things.

It brings to my mind Christmas in Brazil, because it is a date that we look forward to with anticipation to be together with family and friends. We think about the menu in advance and, of course, turkey is always a part of it. Christmas is very important in Brazil as is Thanksgiving in Canada. I felt very welcomed, despite feeling shy speaking in English at that time.