Winter 2015


Holding Hands with wedding rings on the background of sunlight

A wedding in my country (Iraq) is a very important party. People love to marry on Thursday and Friday in all seasons. They go to church at 4:00 then to the party. They start dancing and cut the cake. The groom’s family starts by giving gold jewelry and then the bride’s family too. In my country there are no speeches. Then they eat and dance till 1 or 2 at night. In the morning the groom’s family hosts a lunch in their home. A wedding is very nice in my country.

I got married in 1986 in Iraq. There were 100 people at my wedding. My husband’s family came to my house and we went to the church at 4:00. My husband was in the church waiting. My party was simple because in 1986 there was a war. The party started at 6:00. We entered the party and we started dancing with people. Then we cut the cake. My husband’s family gave me gifts and my family too. Then we had a big, traditional Iraqi dinner. The party finished at 12 because we couldn’t stay late. The next day we went to his family’s house for lunch. We ate very good food and enjoyed it very much. I did not go on a honeymoon, but I loved my wedding.