Winter 2015


The Rubber Duck in a body of water

Every year in the month of July we have a Sault summer festival. It is called Rotary Fest. Rotary Fest goes on for three days.  During those three days everyone has lots of fun and enjoyment. Last summer, in 2017, Rotary Fest was on July 19 to 21st. During those three days we had lots of amusement fun rides for kids, jumpy castles, real horse rides, music concerts, a car show, and a food court.   We went there for two days.

Something special happened last year.  They announced a big duck was coming to the Rotary Fest.  We were all flabbergasted to hear about the big duck.  I thought it would be a real, big duck.  So I went there with my kids, but I was not flabbergasted because all there was was a giant rubber duck with her duckling.

Anyway, it was nice to see them. Every one took a picture in front of the big duck and my kids did too. After that my kids enjoyed all the rides, castles, water boat, face painting and, of course their favourite ice cream and food.   

Finally, we saw the car show.  It was amazing. At the end we were all tired, but happy when we went home.  This is my big duck story.