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Pre-Reading: Match each word on the left with the best definition on the right.

  1. constructed
  2. happened
  3. factory
  4. rich

  1. occurred
  2. wealthy
  3. built
  4. mill

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. There you can find the different addresses of many Canadian government buildings.

The House of Commons and the Parliament Buildings are located on Parliament Hill. The Supreme Court of Canada is found on Wellington Street. And the home of Canada's Prime Minister is at 24 Sussex Drive.

Sussex Drive is a long street that follows the Ottawa River. The house at 24 Sussex Drive sits on a cliff above the river. It is a beautiful spot. The house was built in 1867. Its first owner was a wealthy American mill owner named Joseph Merrill Currier. The government of Canada took over the building in 1943. Major renovations were done, and six years later, it became the official home of Canada's Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent was the first Prime Minister to live there. Since then, every newly elected Prime Minister has lived at 24 Sussex Drive during his time in office. Many changes have been made to the inside of the house to suit each Prime Minister. The biggest change occurred in 1975 when an indoor swimming pool was added.

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