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Use "there is" with singular nouns. (There is a pencil).
Use "there are" with plural nouns. (There are two pencils).

There is/are

There ?? (noun or pronoun) (prepositional phrase)
There is a rug on the floor.
There is a man at the door.
There are two girls on the floor.
There are many students at the school.
There is only one cat in Canada.
There is a letter in the box.


Select the correct verb for the following:

1.   There five pens on the desk.
2.   There many people in the hall.
3.   There a chair in the closet.
4.   There three telephones at the airport
5.   There lots of computers in room 202.
6.   There a window in her room.
7.   There an apple in the basket.
8.   There seven days in a week.
9.   There four schools in our town.
10. There twelve months in a year.

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