Winter 2015


hands on steering wheel

I decided to get my driver’s license because I wanted the official identification. Additionally, it would be useful to share the driving with my husband when we go on family trips. Finally, I have started a new job where I need to travel to different locations. I started driving school lessons last year. I had exactly ten lessons, but first came the planning and completion of online classes.

It took me several months to study for the online driving tests. I remember sitting on the balcony listening to the instructions on my phone with headphones in my ears. My goal was to pass the first driving test in Oshawa called G1, and fortunately I passed it in August of that year.

My first driving instructor was Said. He was an older man with a lot of driving experience. At first glance, I did not like his dirty car. I spent several hours driving in the parking lot and did not learn to park a car or drive backwards. I was honestly very disappointed. What did I learn from Said? To drive fast! Then I decided to take a break and find a new driving instructor.

My second driving instructor was called Sultan and he was disciplined, careful and I have to admit I liked him. Driving slowly, carefully catching turns, turning to the left, putting my foot on the gas gently, I learned all this quickly in the first four hours. Four hours is four days. The "car by car" meeting with Said from the opposite side was interesting. He was teaching another student to drive, but I hid from him because Said and Sultan are competing with each other and honestly do not love each other! Therefore, it works as it turns out everything that is beautiful lasts a short time! Due to the pandemic we had to interrupt classes. I hope we will continue the classes.

Driving lessons are interrupted for now. I will wait for the driving lessons to continue. I have a driving test scheduled for July. Let it be happy for me!