Winter 2015


Blackboard with the national flag of Eritrea drawn on and a chalk

Eritrea has a unique and yet different education route compared to what education means in Canada and the routes that lead to one’s own goal. In Eritrea, the length of elementary school is 7 years. A student from the age of 6 starts kindergarten and finishes at the age of 14 in Grade 7. In Canada, the length of elementary school is 10 years. A student from the age of 4 starts kindergarten and finishes at the age of 13 or 14 in Grade 8. A small yet fun graduation ceremony is held for Grade 8 graduates in Canada while the only graduation in Eritrea is Grade 12 vocational school and college. Students in Eritrea start Grade 8 in high school, taking all required science courses, math, and history with no elective courses. When students finish their Grade 11, they directly enter into a vocational Grade 12 school called Misawa. After passing your examination, you'll have the chance to choose a field of your interest, such as science, math, English or engineering, which leads to your preferred college. A free certification program is available for those who do not pass the exam, such as farming, designing clothing, etc. Students in Canada take two semesters in one year with four courses each, this includes mandatory courses and elective courses. Once students have completed their 4 years of high school, they receive the Ontario high school diploma. At this point, they have many paths to follow, they can go to college, university, work, community college, and apprenticeship, etc. In conclusion, I have found similarities and differences that each country has to give to its learners.