Winter 2015


I believe the Canadian educational system is very appropriate for students for many reasons. In Korea, classes for middle school and high school usually begin at 7:30 and end at 10:00 p.m. which is much longer than classes in Canada. First, students can't concentrate for a long time. When I was a student in Korea, my classes ended at 10:00 including Evening-self-study. I remember after 2 pm we almost couldn't concentrate on the class, only a few students could do that. Second, if classes end so late, students can't do many other activities such as exercise or have their hobby or hang out with their friends. In Canada, many students have lots of activities after school. Schools end at 3:30, so time is enough to do anything. I think that is a time to grow in many ways, physically, emotionally, as well as academically, so they need time to do these other things besides studying. Third, if classes end so late and the next day they go to school so early without enough sleep, they may have health and mental health problems. In a survey, students in Korea usually study for about 3 hours on average after they return home. So they always lack sleep. According to some research, lack of sleep causes various diseases and also causes depression and suicidal thoughts. Korean education is receiving good reviews from other countries but behind the scene, Korean students suffer from studying. These are some of the reasons I believe that the Canadian school system is better than in my country.