Winter 2015


personal support worker holding hand with someone - cropped view of hands only

I started study the personal support worker from last month. The program began with the outlook course guiding us how to manage email in and out come, create and manage calendar, task and note, this course took 2 weeks and I felt it was easy for me because I am familiar with that before I studied. After outlook I had to join the job shadowing, it’s happened on the weekend and I was saw how the job I must do daily that supper the elderly finishes their morning clean up also help them changing then provide them medicine and breakfast, after breakfast they have free time activity. They can smoke or watch TV until the lunch time, while resident do free activity I had to prepare for lunch, they have the same schedule for food menu like on the Sunday the resident will be serviced hamburger for lunch. Then I studied the PSW foundation, this course introduced us the general information and overview the PSW career and I took 2 weeks then I must finish the assignment and exam. Now I am studying the next module is safety and mobility, this course take 10 days and I will have done the assignment and exam next week. After 1 month to study PSW I feel the programme quite hard since we must work and the design of study schedule very fast and fix time, we almost must do exam every 10 days and in those 10 days we must read and remember a lot of knowledge, my classmate had the same thinking to me when we talk last week.