Winter 2015


back view of family of four hugging. two children, two parents in centre

We have different roles in life and some of these we do very well. Some are regular and others are special. If we wanted to classify them, I would say that we have personal roles, professional roles, marriage roles, family roles and social roles. For me the most important role is the role of the family, specially that of a parent’s because we are humans and we can get something right or wrong. This makes you feel vulnerable because you guide your children in life.

Today we are faced with a world with vices and society with different realities with which we live. I know that the basis is the family. The values, teachings, and strengths that children learn at home will help them make decisions when they face different challenges in life.

I consider this role difficult for each parent and often times we do it well, but when we see the result, it is the opposite. Trying to be a good parent means to make a significant mark on the child’s life. Children always seek to emit behaviors, customs, emotions, etc., so these will positively or negatively influence them. They take features of our way of being.

It is important to give them confidence and accompany them in important moments so they feel comfortable. Considering that there are external factors that also influence this process, I conclude by saying how difficult and important this role is.

I hope God will help and support me, so I will do my best due to lack of experience because I do not know what to do.