Winter 2015


parents and baby drawing with chalk on ground

Before I was a parent, I had more freedom and less obligation. I just had to think about taking care of myself without really having a routine. This freedom usually starts when you leave home. In my case, I did that at 18 years old. So, at a certain point in my life I felt the need to have a real reason to live, the desire to pass on what I had received from my parents and most importantly to love without limits. I got all this when I became a parent. It is true that I sometimes miss this freedom. For me, this is the biggest change, but there has been no time when I regret my choice, and if I had to do it again, I would not hesitate, especially since the sooner you become a parent, the sooner you will find this freedom, but this time with more pride to see your children. To the new parents, the only advice I could give to them is to be patient and enjoy every moment, because they pass very quickly.