Winter 2015


Four years old little boy smelling red tulip flower in spring garden.

My name is Hasib. I am 29 years old. I am from Afghanistan. I have lived with my family for 27 years. I came to Canada on 13 of March 2020. Today, it was June 14, 2021 and it was equal to Mother’s Day in back home’s calendar. I always celebrated this day with my parents but It is 2 years that I couldn’t. I feel pain in my heart because I miss them too much. Today, I want to write about parent’s value in our life in order to calm myself or at least help those who miss their parents.

Parents are two fragrant flowers and two unforgettable people in your life. Parents are those who give you anything they can, when you are child. For example, they serve you all the time without any paying. They cook your different delicious foods without any pay. They teach you ways of living without any expectations. They wake up from sweet dream’s in order to feed you without expecting anything in return . They keep you safe and happy in every steps of life without any pay. In general, Parents are those who always think about you and they are ready all the time to help and support you.

My parents didn’t have any medical Ph.D, but their hands always did something that thousands of medicines did not. They were not engineers, but they always made me a new person with their sweet words. My dad was not an artist, but he always drew such a pretty smile on my face that thousands of artists will not be able to draw. My mom was not a chef, but she always cooked such a yummy food that I couldn’t find that in all over the world. I am sure that your parents are also like that and they always were there to love and support you.

In conclusion, I believe that a house is not beautiful with decorations and expensive things but it is beautiful when your mom and dad are there. We should always respect and love our parents as they did all their live to us. We should always be a good friend, a good supporter, a good server, a good cook … to them as they were to us. I have always expressed my feelings since I am away from them. I always tell them that how much I love them and how much I miss them. If you also missed your parents and you didn’t express it yet so try it right now and tell them how much you love them. Thank you