Winter 2015


canada and usa flags

Canada and the United States are known as immigrant nations. And, they are also neighbours. And while there are differences, there are also similarities in how both countries approach immigration policy.

A key difference is that the U.S. immigration policy emphasizes family reunification. Each U.S. immigrant on average sponsors 3.5 family members. Canada, meanwhile, restricts family reunification immigrants to about one in five.

In addition, Canada has far fewer undocumented migrants and brings in far more immigrants. They welcome three times as many immigrants per capita as the U.S.

And while the differences have become obvious, there are still similarities. Both countries have immigration issues. For example, some Canadians have the same concerns about immigration as some Americans. There are members of both countries who worry that immigration may be changing their ethic structures.

Immigrants have been flocking to Canada and the United States for hundreds of years. There are similarities and differences between both countries, and policies will continue to change over the years. Hopefully, one thing will always remain. People from all over the world will continue to come to both countries looking for new opportunities.