Winter 2015


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It has been almost two years since we came to Canada. Although it is not very long, it is not too short. In the past two years, our family has worked hard to encourage each other and meet the various challenges in life together. Although we have not reached the goals we set in the beginning, we firmly believe that we will. At least, we are not as anxious as we were when we first came to Canada. We have learned to face life calmly.

First of all, my wife and I worked very hard. My wife was mainly responsible for the food and daughter's education, and I was responsible for work to earn money to support the family. Although my wife also wants to go out to work, it is not realistic. My wife also wants to go out to make friends and go to work. After all, staying at home is too lonely. We have quarreled for this, but now we rarely quarrel about this matter. I can go out to work with peace of mind because we all understand that my wife staying at home is the best choice for my family.

Secondly, because of the impact of the COVID pandemic, my work has been greatly affected. I am a home inspector, and my income has a lot to do with the real estate market. Because Canada has closed the borders, many new immigrants cannot enter Canada on time, so there is no way to buy a house, and the demand for a home inspection is reduced. Because I have not been a home inspector for a long time, I must do more marketing to let more people know about me. I spent more time on marketing, and the rest I need to do is to wait for the pandemic to end sooner, and business will gradually get better.

Finally, in addition to work and life, I am also considering another thing. From this pandemic, I found that some industries have been greatly affected. Many people have lost their jobs. Many shops and restaurants have been permanently closed. However, some people’s work has not been greatly affected. It is just that their work locations have been moved from office buildings to home, income has not been affected in any way. As the only source of income for my family, I must also consider higher education, engage in the finding second job, and resist unknown risks.

We are now used to the Canadian climate and the pace of life, and my daughter also likes learning online. For the happy life of the whole family, I can only work harder and face life more calmly.