Winter 2015


Absolute towers in Mississauga, ON

When I came to Canada I discovered that it’s a diverse country. I was grinning from ear to ear that people show respect to each other’s culture. Many ethnic and religious groups live and work in peace.

It seemed lady luck was smiling at me; I have updated myself in a flash to the Canadian culture thanks to the English learning. I have got an opportunity to study English from the government program without spending a bundle. The program boiled down to allowing me to be more confident in English for a better life, finding employment, succeeding in business, and interacting with Canadians.

I realized that the Canadian weather is totally different from what it is in my home country. I arrived in the summer and I enjoyed it, but when winter took place, I felt like returning home and I was saying, "Good riddance, go away!".

My husband and I have decided to live in Mississauga, ON, one of the largest cities in Canada since 2016. The city has distinct places such as neighbourhoods, with beautiful architecture, great restaurants and unique shops. It faces the challenges of creating opportunities to harness digital technological developments. It adopts innovative sustainable solutions, competes to attract talented people and creates jobs opportunity. The economy is focused on advanced manufacturing, higher-value business services, life science and smart logistics. That’s why the city is recognized in the field of science with more than 470 companies employing more than 25 000 people. The city gave me an employment opportunity to grow. It has a competitive business environment boosted by the commercialization of technological products and services linked to the science of life. I got an opportunity to work in a global organization for life science which helps people and brings solutions for health problems in their life.

I came to Canada with goals to achieve and I am very thankful for everything that GOD allows me to accomplish in my life. Thank you to those who believe in me and gave me the opportunity to progress.