Winter 2015


Family playing with their dog

I would like to share my experience with dogs during the winter. First of all, I need to tell you how I got my dog. My children love pets and they asked very often to get one, but I always said, "When we buy a house, I will buy a dog." Well, this day arrived, and I bought a house. What happened? Did I buy a dog? Yes, but before that, I made a deal with my kids. To be honest, I expected them not to accept my rules, but I was wrong; they accepted all the rules. The rules were that they should walk the dog three times per day even in winter and clean up after the dog. My kids agreed, but I should not have believed them. By the way I bought a Beagle whose name is Spark. She is very nice, friendly and excited.

Now we are in the middle of winter, and who is walking Spark three times every day? Of course, me! It is important to say that I like to walk her, but the big problem is when the temperature is super low such as - 12 degree, she can't go outside because she can get sick even with a coat. When she stays home, it is another problem, because my house gets messed up and some things get destroyed. Spark has a lot of energy so she spends it biting things like slippers, wall skirting, etc.

Winter brings a lot of challenges with dogs; they become more difficult to take care of. Dogs are beautiful pets, and I love Spark, but she is first and last one dog in my house. That's what I told my children, and they listened and said they were going to help me. Do you believe them?