Winter 2015


Young woman kissing her dog

I have always loved animals, especially dogs. When I was little, my birthday wish was always to have a puppy.

My birthday wish finally came true after I got my first job because I finally had enough money to buy a two month old toy poodle. He was born in November, so I decided to name him November. November was the size of a mug, too tiny that I was afraid of holding him. So, I would pack him up in a bag and bring him everywhere, to the restaurants, hotels, I even brought him into my office a few times. There was one time, I brought November into a hot spring resort in a backpack. The doorman asked if he could hold the bags for me while we were on the way to the room, but of course I wouldn’t have let him do that. Luckily, November was so quiet and didn’t even move.

November has always been the boss and the most important in our home until my husband and I got a Labrador — PJ. Before that November had a doggy stuffed animal that looked exactly like PJ, so he thought his “best friend” came alive and he was super happy about that. But two months later, everything had changed, PJ had grown to twice as big as November. Then he started to realize this guy was getting half of our attention and love. PJ was always leading the road in front when we went for a walk, and November always followed him behind and refused to leave without PJ. You must be thinking they are such good friends? Actually, PJ is still the little brother at home, whatever he does he always looks over to November to ask for permission. November won’t allow PJ to sleep near me, because November would give him a mean face that says “ Mammy is mine”.

Early 2020, my husband and I decided to move to Canada, but under the Covid situation it made it harder to bring PJ and November across the world because most of the cargo was closed and borders shut down. So, we made a really hard decision to leave them with my brother until we settled down. Can you imagine one day when you wake up and your furry friends are not there? But I told myself that one day we would see them again. I had even pictured the moment that we would pick them up at the airport in my head. Time flew by, six months later we finally had an opportunity to fly PJ and November over to Canada. The day we went to the airport to pick them up, November recognized my voice and right away, started to cry and jump on me. PJ was shocked and it took a few seconds to realize this was really happening.

The Guys—PJ & November, that’s how we call them. A 4 year old Labrador who has a big body but soft and an 8 year old toy poodle who is tiny but smart. They are my best friends and family and I love them so much!