Winter 2015


Vegetable garden in late summer. herbs, flowers and vegetables in backyard formal garden. eco friend

My hobbies are gardening, sewing, and cooking. However, gardening is my favourite hobby. My educational background – a degree in agriculture, helps me in doing it well. Every year in summer I keep myself busy by taking care of my garden in my backyard. When my teacher asked me to write about it, I happily agreed and also decided to share how I plant vegetables in my garden.

In spring, when I see the warm bright sun, I start cleaning up my backyard and start preparing the soil for my vegetable garden. First, I get a good fertilizer and cow manure to make the soil rich and nutritious. Then, before Victoria Day, if the weather is suitable, not lower than 6 degrees centigrade, I dig the soil and make it ready for planting. I mix this soil with fertilizer and manure I had bought ahead. The soil for planting should be very soft, only then air can circulate into the vegetables. Plants need sunlight, Carbon dioxide, and water to grow.

Before Victoria Day, if the weather is nice, I and my husband buy some healthy vegetable plants from a good nursery or garden centre. I like to plant different varieties of vegetables. I never use chemicals or pesticides because they are bad for the environment and health. My produce is purely organic. On Victoria Day if the weather is good, I and my husband start planting our baby plants carefully onto the garden bed.

For the first three weeks, we have to look after them very carefully because they need to adjust to the climate and the hot sun. I water them every morning and evening until they are able to stand on their own. Twice a week I start weeding the unwanted plants, otherwise, they will use the food of the plants and start growing. After two months, the vegetables are ready to be harvested. I enjoy picking the grown vegetables and cooking them.

In summer I never buy vegetables from grocery stores. Every day I cook organic vegetables straight from my garden. Our produce is enjoyed by my family and friends. This is not only my hobby but my passion.