Winter 2015


Two mexican girlfriends in colorful shirts in the city

In my community, in Amatlan Morelos, Mexico, there is a traditional place where people still have a lot of customs and traditions. The older women are those who protect these customs and traditions to preserve them. They continue to do all of their normal duties as wives and mothers, but maintaining the traditions of our sacred corn are never recognized by our country.

I am thankful for all of these women who taught me the traditions of the corn since I was a child, for the culture to continue the tradition of these sacred foods. Corn in Mexico originates from seeds from thousands of years ago. It is not the same as the corn found in North America. This is why we feel it is sacred.

This keeps our people connected to Mother Earth.

The important work they do every day is to take care of the family in their kitchen, with native corn-based foods, such as tortillas, atole (a warm drink), quesadillas, tamales and so much more. They prepare these ancient foods with all of their heart and good feelings. They are healers; they are warriors; they are strong to work for growing corn in the traditional way, with no machines and no chemicals, just the natural way to do it. This work is hard and most of the young people do not want to do it because they don’t have time and do not value tradition as before.

I learned these traditions in my community and I will continue these traditions, here in Canada, with the tools I have, and I will always be grateful for what I received from them. Especially my mother and my aunts, who are very beautiful women in the world for me. And as a Mexican mother I would like to teach my daughters so that they continue the tradition, and they can have stronger identity as Mexicans.

Thank you!