Winter 2015


Sidi bou said, tunis, tunisia

In my opinion, my city, Tozeur in southwest Tunisia, is one of the best cities in the world, it is small and quiet, it has a lot of history of ancient civilizations, and it has a nice weather in the wintertime. I think it is the best place for foreigners to visit.

First, if you visit my city in the winter time, you will enjoy it because the weather most of the time is sunny, and it is always warm with temperatures between 15 to 25 degrees in the daytime. You can exercise and shop at the same time because all stores are close to each other and you just need to walk or ride a bike to get all you need.

In addition, we have many tourist areas to visit. You can visit the Oasis, it is a date palm oasis and you can enjoy it there because it is a serene and peaceful world there, you can visit Ouled Hadef, it is the town's main point of interest and it is called the old town, it has the traditional desert houses that sport beautiful decorative brick facades of intricate patterns. You can also visit Chott El Djerid, it is the Sahara's largest salt pan. Also, you can visit Onk Jemel, but you must travel here by 4WD vehicle, which is an adventure in itself.

I think the best place in the world is my city Tozeur and that’s why I encourage every foreigner to visit it and enjoy it.