Winter 2015


Cute bernese mountain dog sitting on a pink background with mouth open

I have never considered myself much of a dog person until my later years in life. Recently my daughter got a Bernedoodle named Ellie. I always joke that Ellie is my granddaughter, as I don’t have grandkids yet. I refer to myself as Granny and I swear the dog knows who I am by name. I never liked large breed dogs much, but Ellie is so sweet and cuddly it is hard to not love her.

I enjoy puppy sitting for my daughter. I often go to check in on Ellie when I am working near by, or take her to my place to spend some time with her when my daughter is at work. I love getting her to do tricks and giving her treats. My favourite thing about Ellie is that she is so affectionate, she loves to cuddle, and she loves attention. She makes a great companion. One thing I always do when I have Ellie is bring her for a car ride to Tim Hortons. I get myself my coffee with one and a half milk and one and half sugar, and she gets one plain old-fashioned Timbit.

Having Ellie as part of our family has been so much fun and really taught me that being a grandparent can come in many different forms. I look forward to spending time with Ellie over the years and watching her grow. I can’t wait to see what other grandkids and grand puppies come my way in the future.