Winter 2015


Sledge drive on the Fichtelberg

Since I arrived in Canada I have had the experience with winter activities that I had never done before.

I have been in Canada for four years and every winter is different. The activities that I have done were for fun, not as a professional sport. People in Canada enjoy every season and kids practice all kinds of sports no matter how cold or hot it is, but for me it's different because before I plan my day or choose what activity we will do, I always follow these steps: first, I check the weather, second the amount of snow and third what kind of activity we want to do, if it is something outside or inside.

Talking about my experience with my favorite winter activities which are playing with snow, tubing and sledding, ice skating and snowboarding or skating. Definitely, I can say that I love sledding and tubing because both activities are easy and you don't need to spend a lot of money.

On the other hand, I had a bad experience with skating and snowboarding because for me it's a difficult sport as you need to have good balance, strength and fitness.

The first time I tried was at Blue Mountain first at all, it's a stunning place and I love it, but I couldn't ride because almost all the time I was falling on the snow and rarely I stayed up for more than one minute. Second, I was freezing. It was so cold and third, it was so expensive because you needed to buy or rent all the necessary equipment.

In conclusion, I like winter activities but only the easy ones and I will go to Blue Mountain every time that I have the opportunity but just to enjoy the place.