Winter 2015


Middle-aged woman walking in city park

Since coming to Canada last December, I have spent most of my time at home, but there were times when I could step out to take a walk in the nearest community park. It has become my new recreational activity that I really enjoy. It is free, attainable, and pleasing. Whenever I went out for a walk, I could feel how blessed I am to get the opportunity to adore the gorgeous surroundings, while getting some exercise.

The neighboring park is a new one that is still under construction. It has a pleasant trail of about 1500m that surrounds a small mere. I started with one circle at the beginning, but now I can circulate around the mere three times without feeling exhausted. I wish I could walk on a daily basis, but unfortunately I cannot. I only manage to go to the park two days a week. I would be satisfied if I could walk 7000m everyday. A goal that I am eager to achieve.

Walking in our neighborhood’s park changes me physically and mentally. I have begun to lose weight and build a healthier body. Fats are burned and more muscles are formed. My flexibility is improving and I can now tolerate walking longer distances than I used to do at the beginning of summer. I mostly feel more relaxed after spending more than half an hour of walking. It is like a cure which relieves me from stress and pressure. Fresh air and the wood’s breeze sets my mood right and eases my temper. Nature can heal my unseen wounds and freshen my soul.

I am interested in trying other recreational activities as soon as I get more free time. For now, walking seems to be my only possible choice that really works.