Winter 2015


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Our home was in the city of Kiev This is the capital of Ukraine. I lived in the apartment with my daughter and my husband. We had two rooms in our flat. It wasn't big, but very comfortable for us. Also, we had a cat at home. The neighbourhood where I lived in was very beautiful and every year more and more new buildings appeared. I lived near some parks, daycares, schools, and a nice place where a good restaurant was overlooking the lake. There were also several large shopping malls not too far from my home. I had many friends and neighbors there who often came to visit us. I miss my home, my country, and my family very much.

Now, I live with my daughter in a very big house in North Bay. Months ago, the war started. I wrote a letter in the on Facebook about our situation and very kind people wanted to help us. We are very grateful to them. It all happened quickly. I think about renting the apartment here, but only when my husband will come to us. For me the important things for a place to live in are location and cost. I am here without my husband and now this is very expensive.

Long time ago I was a waiter in Ukraine. I was young and active and ran all day in the restaurant. I liked to talk with customers and to bring the delicious food for them. Then I took courses in art design, and I loved it. I like to work for myself. Now I work in a floral store. I hope in the future I will engage in my creativity and sell my artworks in Canada. I must try to design more.