Winter 2015


Life Story text written in Notebook.Business photo text your life story events actions or choices yo

Hi, I am Byaombe. I was born in Congo. I have 10 siblings. I started school in Congo when I was 12, and I finished elementary school when I was 18. and I started high school when I was 18 and finished high school at age 22 in 2004. I met the love of my life Maombi. We started dating and a few years later we got married. I got a job as a tailor, and as a construction worker.

I came to Canada in December 2017. I choose to come Canada because I heard that it was a good country. We left Congo because there was a war. I am working in Canada. I live in Windsor, Ontario. I work on a vegetable farm in Leamington, Ontario. I work in the packaging department. I package vegetables.

I want to improve my English because I want to go to college. I want to study nursing.