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VICTORIA BC - APRIL 8 2018 Large multi-level ferries carry cars, trucks, and passengers hourly betwe

Less than one year ago in November, my husband had a job posting in Vancouver for two weeks. We decided to go with him and make this also a family trip. For the last three years we didn’t go on any trips, so we were very excited when we departed from Toronto International Airport. This was our first time flying after the pandemic. On November 13, 2021, we took a long five-hour flight from Toronto to Vancouver.

I was extremely nervous during the flight, but we arrived safely in Vancouver. First, we went to our hotel and freshened up. Then we went out for dinner and ate delicious food. After that we saw downtown Vancouver with its high sky buildings. It was very beautiful! My children enjoyed it a lot.

The next day we took a ferry to Nanaimo where we spent some time. The weather wasn't good because of a recent storm, but after a bumpy ride, we reached Nanaimo in the evening. In the morning, we explored the best places in Nanaimo and on the island.

But during our trip, there was a massive flood on the mainland in southwestern B.C. We were so shocked by this event! On Tuesday, November 23, 2021, flood water surrounded the town of Abbotsford. Nearly 15,000 people were forced from their homes and had to wait for the highway to open after repairs on severed highways and bridges. Other major routes were closed and the flood was a huge emergency in the country!

We continued our travel on Vancouver Island as far as Campbell River to the north where we found many lakes and waterfalls. Our favorite fall is Elk Falls. The bridge was amazing and scary, but we had a beautiful time there. We enjoyed different foods and saw different cultures. We also experienced the natural beauty. British Columbia is really so beautiful! We loved our trip. We had such an amazing time together.