Winter 2015


A male Deer in Canadian Nature during colorful Fall Season. Artistic Composite. Background from Tomb

A couple of years ago I went to Yukon with my husband and some friends. It was a road trip, so we drove about 2600 kilometers. We started after work on a Friday, drove about 150 kms and then we took a ferry. The ferry ride was about two hours. We decided to have some food and camp somewhere.

The second day we got up early in the morning around 6 am in a campground. The stunning scenery was so beautiful with deer and ducks hanging around the area. We made breakfast and started our way to Whitehorse. By the evening of the next day, we were in Whitehorse. While driving, we saw a lot of wildlife: moose, caribou, buffalos, and a bear. You need to drive hundreds of kilometers to see a gas station. It is always important to keep gas in jerry cans or whenever possible fill a full tank.

Whitehorse was beautiful, but colder than expected. We went to museums, stores and enjoyed good food. The museum guide explained gold mining and how colonization occurred, and the modes of transportation people used. We saw an old cruise boat. Then we went to a hot spring. It was an amazing experience. We saw lakes and beautiful rivers. We camped in a campground. It was peak COVID time, so we carefully followed all the sanitization procedures when we were in campgrounds. The way back home we were super tired, and still enjoyed the nice scenery.