Winter 2015


Beautiful historic Cape Spear Lighthouse on the Atlantic Coast at sunrise.

It’s the first long distance trip for my family since my son was born, he and his sister behaved pretty good than we expected during this trip. We went by airplane in order to give the kids different experiences.

We rented a car in St. John’s as soon as we arrived. We spent the first two nights in downtown St. John’s and the other three nights in different three locations which were all right in front of the sea. Except the wonderful views, all the accommodations were very well designed and came with a fully equipped kitchen, which made it possible for us to buy fresh seafood in the local store and cook them by ourselves.

By the way, we went with other two friends, we planned the itinerary and shared accommodations together, which made this trip even more affordable and memorable.

Both of the natural scenery and historic buildings in Newfoundland were very impressive. Most of the attractions were located in front of the sea, like the coves, lighthouses and beaches. We spent much time standing by the sea watching the whales, puffins, or even just sitting with a blank brain and let the time pass by.

I really enjoyed the spectacular landscapes along the sea compared to Ontario lake. The familiar salty smell of the sea just brought me back to my hometown, which is a small city in southeast of China near the Pacific Ocean. It’s been solid three years since I visited my hometown last time, that made me missed my parents deeply.

I was impressed by the changeable weather in Newfoundland. It seemed like there’s always a fog float above the sea, as well as the city. Well, no wondering it’ll be windy near the ocean, but thankfully the wind could blow fogs away, even the rain won’t last long. So for capturing nice pictures, you only need to wait if the weather is not as expected in current.

Anyway, everything in this trip went perfect.