Winter 2015


Mother and her newborn baby on bed, closeup. Space for text

When my baby was born, I thought I would enjoy my baby to the fullest. Although the beginning was not easy, but it was something expected -what they told me and what I read about babies, for example, not being able to sleep because the baby needs to eat, change diapers, or just needs company.

The things became more complicated because just when my baby was born, that week they announced quarantine in the country due to Covid 19. The day routine was the complicated part with a baby at home - clean everything in the house in the morning and disinfect everything when someone comes home from work or shopping, take a shower before seeing the baby.

All the things I imagined would be different, taking my son to the park with a mask and taking care that he does not have much contact with other children who only think about playing because they are in full development of socialization and motor development.

However, this pandemic has made it possible for me to teach my son many more things about our Mexican culture and that I hope one day he will know them and feel them his own.