Winter 2015


Little girl kid student wearing mask studying online class with laptop at home.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in schools closing all around the world. E-learning was the only option for students to continue studying during the COVID 19 pandemic. From kindergarten to university, students started the online learning. This method of learning seemed to be unpleasant for some students, mostly in kindergarten and primary school, because they couldn’t easily adapt or focus in class.

Online learning looks affordable and flexible, but there are some courses that cannot be done entirely online. For example, mechanical engineering can’t be delivered just online because it requires theoretical and practical learning. In addition, online learning teachers are not able to control the focus and participation of students in class because sometimes they cannot see what their students are doing. In person and in classroom, students can focus better because they are in direct contact with the teachers and their peers.

In my opinion, the classroom remains the best environment for learning. It is very important to also interact with teachers and other students in person not only online. It is unfortunate that we cannot undo the change that Covid-19 brought to the world. E-learning seems to be staying with us forever. In the next 20 years, classrooms as we know them may no longer exist.