Winter 2015


View of a large tornado destroying an entire city

A couple years ago, there was a strong tropical storm in Prince Edward Island. Officially it wasn't a hurricane, but it caused a lot of damage. If I remember correctly, the power outage lasted a couple days. In every street, big old trees fell onto the roads and houses. The whole town looked like a scene from a Hollywood disaster-movie. When the weather calmed down, locals became "disaster-tourists" who drove around the town street-by-street and took photos of the fallen trees and other storm damage.

As a result of the storm, everyone’s problem was food because even though everybody has a lot of frozen food at home nobody had power to use the stove or a microwave. That's why the electric company made "districts” in the town and each district got power for a couple hours from the safety power system which was originally for the hospital, and this is how people were able to cook.

There wasn't any panic at all. Locals were calm and nice with each other and tried to help. But I am sure everyone was happy when finally, the power came back, and people were able to use their fridge and stove again. After this storm there weren't any generators in the whole island for months because everybody wanted to buy one. Believe it or not, one of the hardest things was that for 2-3 days, people weren’t able to access the internet and this was a little bit scary!