Winter 2015


Inflation concept.Wooden blocks with financial icon .inflation control concept.

Rising inflation hurts the economy, when prices go up, money can't buy as much as it used to. The main sources of inflation include nominal wage increases, increasing prices for raw materials and energy, and increasing taxes.

Inflation is an important phenomenon in the economy, its unstable action directly affects the family economy, namely the family income and its well-being in the future.

Rising inflation causes people to feel worried, and high inflation rates will likely increase anxiety and stress, especially for those who live paycheck-to-paycheck.

Canadians say that they feel more anxious about inflation, global uncertainty, and the war in Ukraine than they have reported feeling about any other issue in recent years.

In conclusion people are worried about inflation, because inflation is a general increase in prices, and lots of prices rising by a large amount, all at the same time is worrying.