Winter 2015


Always in good shape Full length of athletic woman in black sport clothing exercising in professiona

I want to write a topic about sports!

Sport is good for health. It can prevent any physical problems in your brain and body.

If everyone exercises at least half an hour a day they will never face heart attack, blood pressure, brain problems, depression, sleeplessness, overweight, skin problems, and another problems.

The king of exercise is walking. If we can’t go to gym or we are not good financially, walk is free. We can go for a walk and get fresh air, see different places, and enjoy good views of trails!

If we are financially good and we can handle the gym fee, then we can go to the gym and use machines. It can help us to lose weight, and very soon avoid lots of illnesses. Sport can give us energy in everything as I mentioned above.

To sum up I can advise everyone to do exercise at least 3 days in a week for an hour a day because it’s good for our health and beauty.