Winter 2015


World health day and medical concept. Top view of healthy food in plate with stethoscope, red heart

Health is a basic goal for every person in life. Health does not just mean that a person is free from physical ailments. It also indicates mental and emotional health. Having good health enables us to enjoy our lives in the best way. It also makes us active and positive in society. Healthy people are usually more productive in society than others. Moreover, maintaining health saves a lot of money spent on the treatment of diseases. Thus, good health is fundamental to human happiness and well-being.

There are basic steps needed to maintain our health. First, we must avoid sources of stress and learn to deal with them. Stress has bad effects on the nervous system, which is responsible for all the functions of the body's organs. Secondly, eating refined sugar causes depletion of minerals and vitamins in the body which is the beginning of many diseases. We should seriously consider stopping consuming this type of sugar especially in large quantities. Thirdly, Early night sleep is very important for our health. It is the right time for the body to detoxify and restore the body organs functions. Lastly, frequent exercises, contact with nature, and eating natural food are as important as previous steps to maintain our health. As a result, we can say that being healthy should be part of your lifestyle.