Winter 2015


Makgeolli rice wine Korean drink

I would like to write about how to make Makgeolli in Canada. First of all, Makgeolli is traditional Korean alcohol. It is made from only rice, water, and Nuruk (Korean yeast). In the past, each house or village made Makgeolli in its own way, so the taste was different from region to region. It is getting popular again among young people and it’s becoming luxurious. I decided to make Makgeolli because I missed Korean Makgeolli so much.

I would now like to describe how to make Makgeolli. First, dry Nuruk in the sun and ferment it in water for 2 hours. Second, wash the rice many times. According to Korean folk tale, if you clean the rice 100 times, it will be delicious Makgeolli. Third, dry the rice and steam it. After that, quickly cool it down. Lastly, put the rice and Nuruk in a disinfected container in a room that maintains heat between 22 to 25 degrees. It is ready after 3 to 6 days. My first work was a success because it was so sweet and delicious. It comforted me while I was missing Korea. This coming fall, I will try to make it again with a different taste.