Winter 2015


miso paste shiro miso in a bowl isolated on white

Doenjang is one of the staple condiments found in almost every Korean household. It is healthy and rich in minerals, vitamins, and gut-healthy probiotics. Doenjang is unlike miso, it is not fermented with rice or other grains. Doenjang is also coarser in texture, like chunky peanut butter. The minimum fermentation length for doenjang is six weeks, although it can ferment for months or years.

I really love to make Korean soybean paste doenjang even though I live in Canada. Surely, it is a simpler version that reduces processing time than normal.


  • Non-GMO soybeans 1kg
  • 1 cup of salt
  • square shaped container
  • Earthen pot which is a Korean traditional clay pot
  • 3 dry red peppers
  • 1 heated piece of charcoal
  • 5 piece of jujubes which is a Korean traditional fruit

First, you need 1kg of non-GMO soybeans which you can buy at any whole foods market and then wash the soybeans with salt and water.

Secondly, soak cleaned soybeans in water for at least 10 hours. I usually soak the soybeans in water in the evening until the next morning.

Thirdly, boil the soybeans over medium high heat for 1 hour and then over low heat for 30 mins.

Fourthly, drain the water from the boiled beans for about 5 mins.

Fifthly, pound down the beans coarsely which means not finely (about ? of them).

Sixthly, shape the bean paste into a block. I usually use a square glass container for making shapes. You can simply put boiled soybeans into the square glass container then push them to be hard. Then you can have square shaped soybeans.

Seventhly, dry the soybean blocks for 5 days inside anywhere you think. The temperature should be around 21-23 degrees which is the 1st drying process.

Eighthly, after 5 days, dry the soybean blocks outside for at least 1 month as they need in the sun and wind which is the 2nd drying process.

Ninthly, after 1 month, wash the soybean blocks under the running water and dry them in the sun for a day.

Tenthly, sterilize an earthen pot which is made of sand. It is a traditional Korean pot.

Eleventhly, put the soybean blocks into an earthen pot and then pour salt water in it.

Lastly, put 3 dry red peppers, 1 heated charcoal and 5 jujubes on it. Then leave it in the sun and wind for about 50 days. Eventually, you can taste delicious doenjang after 50 days.

You can have very healthy and delicious doenjang, soybean paste after 50 days.