Winter 2015


Frosty day in snowy coniferous forest. Location place of Carpathian mountains, Ukraine, Europe. Magn

I have lived my life in areas with hot dry summers and moderate rainy winters. I have never seen snow in my life and I have never worn a coat in my life. I am not accustomed to changing summer and winter clothes. I see the same clothes all year round. The winter for me was cold and I would hide under the blanket or wear a sweater and socks at home. I had never seen a heater in my house all my life. I was looking for cold weather in the summer and using home air conditioning all summer. When I came to Canada it was amazing to see snow. I only saw snow on TV. I started playing and I made a snowman and threw snow with my daughter. It's nice to live in a country like Canada, it's a great country and its people are beautiful. It gave us hope in life.