Winter 2015

Travel (Outside of Canada)

Orlando, Florida. April 02, 2019. Happily Ever After is Spectacular fireworks show at Cinderella's C

This summer my son graduated from high school, so we planned a trip to celebrate this. We wanted to start in Nova Scotia, travel down the East Coast to Orlando and go to Disney World. We also planned to go across the United States to California too. We had big plans. We left on July 6th in our camper.

We haven’t had any experience travelling with small kids on a big trip. We had three kids with us. At the beginning of the trip, we took the ferry to Maine and I got seasick. The kids also couldn’t stay in the car for too long so the travelling was really slow. It took ten days to get to Orlando. When we got to Orlando my husband and I were tired. We found a good campground and the kids swam in the pool there every day. We went into the Disney Parks for three days in total. My son helped us with the little girls. The best part of the trip was when we saw the Disney fireworks. It was the 50th year celebration of Disney World.

We left Disney World on the 28th of July. We went to Miami and enjoyed the beach. We also went to Key Biscayne. After that, we drove north to New York. We found an amazing camp 15 minutes outside of New York City. We stayed at a hotel on 8th Avenue for 3 nights. We did a little shopping at Macy’s and on Fifth Avenue. We went to Central Park and visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Now we are home. The trip was amazing. Next week I will rest.