Winter 2015


Four season nature landscapes in mountains.

In my point of view, each season has its own magic. I think I like all seasons because they are important to live on this earth. For example, when fall arrives, I enjoy looking at the gorgeous new colors of leaves all over. While walking or driving I try to spend time appreciating the nature.

Then, comes winter, when the weather becomes colder and everything changes to white because of the snow. I try to enjoy the snow and feel it when I go for long walks. In winter we celebrate Christmas and I prefer to have a white Christmas. Beautiful memories of this season are always made especially when I make warm food to enjoy with all members of my family.

After that, spring and summer follow to have more activities and go on road trips when it is safer to drive and bike. I love going to the beach and spend time camping where I can enjoy some quite time and stay away from electronic devices. Swimming is another activity that I do almost everyday during summer so I would make sure to enjoy this season to the most.

In conclusion, I think seasons complete one another, and we need to adapt and enjoy them.