Winter 2015


Sleeping mask, alarm clock, cosmetic bottles and pills on color background

I think all people have good and bad habits. The same applies to me. I have lots of good habits and I also have lots of bad habits. The bad habit is to go to sleep late every day. I must finish all chores before I go to bed, so I go to sleep very late, and it became a habit over time. I want to break this habit. Firstly, I want to try my best to go to bed earlier. I can’t fall asleep although I count sheep. I also tried to take sleeping pills to improve my sleeping quality. But was afraid was sleeping on drugs and I gave it up after I took sleeping pills for one month. I sleep between 12 pm. and 1 pm. and I get up at 7 am. It’s better than before, so maybe it’s not a bad habit now.