Winter 2015


Toronto, Ontario, Canada – February 27, 2022: Protestors with banners and Ukrainian flags in Downt

All my life I dreamed of moving to Canada and start a new successful life here. Since my childhood I knew that here are a lot of awesome people who are really kind. Also, I recognized this country as a second home for many Ukrainians who ran from war and Soviet Union. And even before people came to Canada to get away from tyrannical governments that tried to fight with the Ukrainian nation.

I got older, became an adult with different thoughts about the world. Hundreds of years since that history, Ukrainians are still running from war and fighting for our freedom today. Now I’m among those fugitives.

My first impression of Canada was that Ukrainian Canadians are really worrying about their nation. A lot of volunteers met us in the airport arrival room, treated us with snacks and drinks and registered us to hotels for a rest. Among them was my new Canadian friends who welcomed me in Kenora – a beautiful town in northwestern Ontario not far from Winnipeg.

Many people in Kenora are friendly and welcoming and some have Ukrainian ancestry. Canada is a rich country filled with happy people. They are not in a rush and enjoy their life. And here are a lot of things to enjoy. Beautiful nature which creates a nice view from the backyard or balcony, tasty food, and enjoying life at your own rhythm.

My dream from before the war has come true. I can say that I’m not disappointed but only with the way I was forced from my country, I want to be really happy to come here, but all that worrying and anxiety didn’t let this happen. Right now, I like Canada the way it is and for helping me understand how much I also love and miss my country Ukraine.