Winter 2015


Sunset in the winter forest

Winter is the season that many people do not like, but they can practice a sport that can only be practiced in the winter.

The best sport in Canada's winter is hockey. Hockey is on the top of the list of Canadian winter sports It is deemed the official winter sport. The first organized hockey game in the Country was played in Montreal back in 1875.

Lacrosse: the first Nations began playing this sport more than 500 years ago, and today lacrosse is an integral part of native culture as well. Lacrosse is now recognized as Canada's Official national sport. Downhill skiing: a fast -paced form of skiing, there's a wide range of downhill option, such as a family- oriented mountain skiing operation. With several mountain ranges coast to coast, it's been a beloved Canadian pastime for decades.

Snowboarding: snowboarding has become a popular Canadian winter sport in the last 10 years, with certain runs being devoted solely to boarders.

There are many activities and sports practiced in the winter. Winter for children in Canada means the beginning of Christmas and New Year celebrations, which are considered among the most beautiful winter nights in Canada.

Some people believe that life becomes more difficult in winter, such as working, shopping, and going for a walk. They believe that the most beautiful things in winter are eating, sleeping, and running. I agree with this opinion. The end.