Winter 2015


A nurse helping senior woman with crutches

Why do I want to be a PSW?

I want to be a PSW because I can help people with their needs, especially older people. Since they may have physical or mental impairments, they need help from others daily. Another reason is that in my country, I am a nurse and I have a lot of knowledge and experience in taking care of people. I worked for around 10 years as a nurse in a hospital in my city of El Salvador. Also, all the senior homes in Cambridge need a lot of PSWs. Apart from all these reasons, I am a single mom, and I have a son to support (and life is not easy without help). I hope to achieve all my goals very soon.

What is a PSW?

PSW is the acronym for Personal Support Worker. They are healthcare professionals who are provided to any person who lives with physical, psycho-social, and/or mental health challenges throughout their life by assisting them with their activities of daily living, such as taking a shower and brushing their teeth. I think this profession is the most human job because it deals with the past, present, and future of patients. Also, to do this job, we must understand that every person is different, and each need is individual. We must be sensitive to the individual as a person with dignity, and value because that is the central essence of this job. Observing the rules and rights and respecting them is another essential bit of knowledge.

Why are PSWs important in our society?

Every second, every minute, and every day life passes in front of our eyes. Nobody escapes this reality until they die. Difficulties or disabilities arrive in different forms and at different life stages. When we realize how short life is, we are usually at the last stages of life. Then, we sometimes need to rely on others for day-to-day care, and support. It is for this reason that healthcare workers are one of the most important jobs in society. Today, I am going to help people, and tomorrow, they are going to help me; this is the way we must think. Helping each other is very important in life. Finally, all people and professionals are important in society, and we must be thankful for each one.