Winter 2015


Portrait of smiling businesswomen standing in office with colleagues in background

What I Have Learned in the “Women In Leadership” Conference?

I work for a progressive organization but at the moment the management is dominated by men. We are working to propose initiatives and foster a positive change in our Company. As part of the plan to increase diversity, I had this amazing opportunity to participate in the Women in Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida. Connecting with other influential women has been truly inspiring. It was a valuable experience to listen to the speakers, the engaging mini-coaching session, and join the team leadership group. I have become more aware and inspired to continue growing in my professional career and personal life.

I am aligning my actions with my ambitions, passions, and strengths. I thought I was not ready for a promotion, but I am ready to get more experience, step out of my comfort zone, embrace new challenges with fresh skills, and expand my network and relationships. Being curious will help me to ask for feedback and keep learning. We need to request to assess opportunities for women in management roles with a conscious effort for advancement. It’s also very important to review that there is no gender pay gap.

My four personal goals after this great experience are: first, to develop networking connections on a two-way street. Second is to foster engagement by collecting personal information about colleagues. The third one is to incorporate meditation and positive mantras into my daily routine. And the fourth is to seek out a mentor and sponsor to guide my professional growth.

I realized that many women in my age range are having the same issues trying to grow professionally and fighting to keep a balance in their lives. I feel better because I am not alone on this journey.