Winter 2015


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Barriers for moving to Canada

Before immigrating to Canada, I searched for the information about engineering career in Canada. It is no doubt that Canadian government have many employment services and pre-arrival organization for supporting immigrants. However, choosing the suitable employment service is one of the most important for my career direction. I found that many barriers for newcomers need to be covered such as climate, languages, culture, rules and regulations. Language is one of my difficult barrier in my employment search in Canada. Even though my English score is in immediate level, but it is hard for me to communicate during interview. Luckily my English teacher is so patient and supportive of me during the English course. In the next paragraph, I will share about my job search journey in Canada.


The career path for getting job in Canada is one of my unforgettable journey. It is different with my experience in my home country. In Canada I should practice how to write resume, get interview and receive the employer’s feedback. This process seems to prove and sell myself. I need to prove to employers that I am valuable and fit for the job. For the interview for my first job I was overqualified and was not hired. I sent over 100 applications to get five interview. My first interview was so stressful that I could not sleep. I was well-prepared for this interview, however I did not get the job because of my communication skills. The most important thing for job search in Canada is networking because almost all job are not posted in job bank. Finally, I decided to postpone job search in my fields and joined volunteer organization to open my networking, especially to enhance my communication skills. I am so appreciative of my English teacher encouraging me to study English and instruct me how to adapt to Canadian culture through her lessons.