Winter 2015


A child is studying through online lecture on laptop

I believe that distance education is our future. We have a great example when a pandemic started a few years ago. For the first few months, it was very difficult for people to change their lives and habits and start studying and working from home, but after some time more schools started to create learning platforms, and these became very advanced. Huge companies, instead of spending thousands of dollars on organizing conferences and gathering people from different countries in one place, have started holding online meetings, which has helped them save money and invest it in employee training.

There are, of course, also disadvantages. All this work and training is impossible without electricity, the Internet, the technical condition of the computer, camera and microphone. In addition, the disadvantage is the impossibility of direct interaction with people.

I believe that distance education is our future because people can choose to study anywhere in the world, even studying at two universities at the same time, and even if they are on different continents.