Winter 2015


Job Search on laptop

Newcomers in Canada find their life really challenging in the beginning.

The first thing, they have to know is a little bit of English, that means, when someone asks you or talks to you, you should know what they are talking about .

If you are looking for a job, the second thing is you have to make sure you have your resume with your experience, skills or qualifications.

The next thing is to apply or search for a job in different ways like online on websites such as Indeed, or you can ask for help at any newcomer service provider.

And you have to focus on the job requirements in the application and make sure your resume matches with your job. Then you have to go for an interview to meet employer and then you understand about your future work step by step.

I will recommend any newcomers to Canada search for occupation, that will make you better in your life and to have a good communication and to know Canadian culture.